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Proudly based in Belfast, Northern Ireland


Photography has gone airborne. Get the aerial shots you need in minutes.


Dramatic footage for your productions.


Photogrammetric surveying, 3D models and mapping for planning and research projects.


Access the inaccessible in your wildlife and conservation surveys.

The Drone Guys

...what people keep calling us!



Having worked extensively as an engineer in the security and automotive industries, David uses his engineering background to create and maintain our unique fleet of drones. From a young age David has flown remote control models and pilots all of drone visions aircraft.


Media Specialist

Richard has worked in the automotive and mobile app development arena for most of his professional career. In recent years Ric found himself involved in more photography and videography roles and taking shots from the air seemed like the next logical step!



With years of experience in the aircraft industry, Ian supports flight operations and planning. Beyond these core activities, Ian's business background has helped establish Drone Vision as a local leader.

Shane BTO NI

Conservation Advisor

Shane is one of the most experienced conservation and wildlife experts in Northern Ireland. His unique knowledge allows us to conduct surveys effectively and without disturbance to the surrounding environment.


We use the latest technology to get the best results.

Stabilised Camera

We use the latest stabilisation technology in our aircraft to provide our customers with the smoothest aerial video possible.

Independent Camera Control

The camera is controlled by a second operator and is unhindered by aircraft movement. As a customer you can always be certain the camera operator is concerned with getting the shots you want, whilst the pilot deals with safe flight.


We use high quality lenses with the latest focusing technology to get sharp images, at any focal length. We can frame and zoom shots whilst in the air, giving an amazing level of detail suitable for both videography and survey work.


You're probably eager to find out more.

Is this legal?

Yes, we have all the necessary qualifications and permission to carry out aerial work.

Is it safe?

Absolutely, but as with any aircraft there are risks. We will not fly if we feel conditions are unsafe - our primary concern is the safety of our crew, clients and most importantly the general public.

What about insurance?

We have industry standard £5million public liability insurance with additional cover for our equipment. We've got it covered.

Where can you fly?

Anywhere that we have permission for. We can arrange clearance with Air Traffic Control if operating near an airport, or from local land owners if necessary.

What are the limitations?

A maximum height of 400ft, at distances of up to 500m from the pilot.

Can you spy on my neighbour?

No, not unless we have their permission - we take privacy very seriously.

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